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american footballer carli lloyd recently discussed her true thoughts and feelings on the US national team when she appeared on a podcast.

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The athlete, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest female soccer players of all time, revealed that she believes the USWNT exists to be sold as a brand, rather than a team dedicated to the sport of soccer .

“It was really difficult and challenging to play for the past seven years. To be completely honest, I hated it,” she admitted to her former teammate, Hope Solo.

But it begs the question: why would a world-class player like Lloyd make the decision to play if she didn’t like the team? For her, the love of football triumphed over any disdain she had for the culture surrounding the women’s national team.

She explained, “It was no fun getting in. It was just for the love of the game, really, for me. I wanted to win and I wanted to help the team, but the culture within the team was the worst I have ever seen.

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Hope Solo’s podcast isn’t the first place the athlete has broached the subject of a problematic workplace, either. A few days prior, she expressed similar sentiments on Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union podcast.

Carli Lloyd described the USWNT as ‘toxic’ during a podcast

“What we had for the past few years wasn’t a good culture, and the mentality changed, and it became toxic,” Lloyd explained, noting that she saw a change in mindset. after the team won the 2015 World Cup. She added: “It was not good.”

Although she didn’t elaborate or target anyone in particular, the soccer star expanded on her statement. The specific shift in mindset had to do with brand deals and more players concerned with building a legacy, rather than the sport itself.

Carli Lloyd, 39, football sensation, rejects comparison with Tom Brady
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“I just saw a shift in people’s mindsets,” Lloyd commented. “It was more about what can I do to build my brand off the pitch? What can I do to get an endorsement deal and less about what we need to do when we step between these lines.

Although she lived her life in retirement, she was criticized by fans around the world. However, Lloyd’s confidence doesn’t stop for anyone. In response to the hate she wrote, “I still have a lot to give to this world and the world of football and no one will ever stop me.”

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