Mounties north of Edmonton warn toxic chemicals found in street drugs could kill people


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Toxic chemicals linked to deadly drug poisoning have been found in street drugs in a community north of Edmonton, police say.

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Lab results from an analysis of drugs seized by police showed that fentanyl had been mixed with dangerous substances, including flubromazepam, chlorofentanyl, benzodiazepine and caffeine, Westlock RCMP said on Wednesday in A press release. He also found lidocaine or methamphetamine mixed with caffeine after analysis of drugs seized dating back to the end of April.

The combination of these substances makes the drugs more dangerous than anyone buying illegal drugs can expect or anticipate, police warned. Mixing certain drugs with alcohol is very dangerous and could make the user unconscious or even kill him.

“Flubromazepam is considered new to the Westlock community and is known to be associated with overdoses and death,” the press release reads.

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“These deaths are in addition to deaths already linked to fentanyl and the opioid pandemic. These drugs could pose a serious threat to someone handling them without taking proper health and safety precautions. “

Rescue workers in Edmonton have reported a dramatic increase in accidental opioid poisoning linked to a supply of dangerous drugs in recent months.

The number of Albertans who died from accidental drug poisoning increased by more than 41% between January and May compared to the same period last year. Edmonton

Westlock RCMP are asking the public to report any criminal or suspicious activity so they can know where and who to look and where to patrol in the future. Anonymous tips can be provided through Crime Stoppers.

Westlock is approximately 90 kilometers northwest of Edmonton.

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