Mac Miller’s toxicology report confirms rapper died of mixed fentanyl and cocaine toxicity


In early September, news broke that the Pittsburgh-born rapper Mac Miller had been found dead of an apparent drug overdose. He was 26 years old.

Today, the results of his official toxicology report were released by the LA County Coroners’ Office. The investigation found fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol in Miller’s system at the time of his death, although none were in concentrations high enough to kill him on his own. As such, her cause of death was found to be “mixed drug toxicity,” meaning it was the combination of substances in her system that caused the overdose.

This official report is devastating, but unfortunately not entirely surprising in today’s terms. Mac Miller had a history of drug addiction throughout his short life and often spoke about his struggles in his music and interviews. Miller is also far from the first artist to come to an end due to accidental mixing of fentanyl (an incredibly strong opioid pain reliever) and other substances in recent years. PrinceThe 2016 death was considered an accidental overdose after “excessively high” levels of fentanyl were discovered in his system. Tom SmallLast year’s accidental overdose was also caused by mixed toxicity, as her autopsy revealed fentanyl, oxycodone, generic Xanax and other drugs found in her system.

This prescription opioid crisis is also spreading beyond celebrities, as the number of people accidentally overdosed on fentanyl and similar opioid analogues like carfentanyl across the country has continued to rise. As The Superimposed font founder Adam auctor explained in a recent interview with Live For Live Music,

These substances are used to falsify traditional drugs because they are incredibly cheap and they are also highly addictive. Anyone who makes these products, whether it’s cartels or some of these big pill factories in Eastern Europe, is using them because it’s financially beneficial to them. Not only is it very addicting, but they can also sell a substance that people are going to enjoy for pennies, whereas real cocaine or heroin is going to be exponentially more expensive and less profitable for them.

But fentanyl shows up in a bunch of weird things, and it’s led to the deaths of some pretty famous people. Prince was overdosed on fentanyl. From what I understood he had taken hydrocodone, but fentanyl was found in his body. Tom Petty overdosed on several variants of fentanyl. Lil peep overdose of fentanyl which was cut into Xanax. He made a post, I think, on Instagram just ahead of time with one of those Xanax pills in his mouth right before he died from it.

It’s incredibly sad to see another talented artist caught in this way too soon. Be careful there and take care of each other. Don’t let yourself or someone you love become another tragic statistic in the ongoing opioid epidemic in our country.

Rest in peace Mac.

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