If the end of the month is usually complicated, the difficulty increases when we have unpaid balances. The fact of being owed money is not just a burden, but it complicates the strategy of organizing the monthly economy and saving. However, not all debts are the same, some weigh more than others.


Accounts pending with the Treasury?

These four words may not be more than a bad memory, or that they are currently taking your sleep away, or you are simply a cautious citizen who has not yet had problems with the Tax Agency but you may be interested in knowing how we can postpone or divide outstanding debts with the Spanish treasury.


Stages to follow to settle accounts with the Treasury

First of all, you should know that now you can carry out most of the procedures of the Treasury through its website, an especially significant advantage for those who work as freelancers and for those who have trouble traveling due to time or physical reasons. When you enter its web portal, you will have to go to the “Featured procedures” section and then click on the “Debt deferrals and subdivisions” option. There you will have the option of accessing the forms with which you can request these services, see postponing the payment of a debt with the Treasury or requesting payment of the sum of money in installments.

If you have outstanding accounts with the Treasury, the Treasury puts at your disposal certain mechanisms to soften the impact of these payments on your personal economy. Almost all the taxes of the Treasury, from the payment of the IRPF to the annual VAT of your small business, can be postponed and divided into a series of terms that vary depending on what is being paid. You can request this deferral both at the time of tax settlement and in the “executive” period (the phase in which you are expected to return them).


Useful information about payments with the Treasury

The Treasury does not set a money limit for debts that can be deferred. However, if your obligation with the treasury is greater than 18,000 euros, you will have to present a guarantee or guarantee to get the payment deferred. If it is a smaller amount, no guarantees are needed.

In the case that you request the postponement of the return of one of the debts that you maintain with the Tax Agency, you will have to make it clear what amount you want to defer and from what date you can start to return it. Hacienda reserves the right to accept or reject your proposal, you can also modify it by offering different payment conditions to those that you requested or directly may not consider it valid. In any case, you will be earning a small margin of time that can come in handy on certain occasions to look for alternatives to get the money.


If the Treasury allows you to defer payment of a debt

We are sorry to tell you that it will not be free. Each year the General State Budgets determine the interest you will have to pay on the total amount that the treasury allows you to pay back in installments. You should know that the interest rate will be around 5% and will be higher if your money is not guaranteed.

We hope that this information has been of your use and we remind you that if at any time you need to obtain extra money to face some unforeseen event, such as a debt with the Treasury, you can request personal microcredit quickly through from Internet.

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